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You can praise your Gods, and eat Them too...

My friend mentioned to me in a conversation that there's some anthropology related website out there that sells chocolate in the shape of various Gods, including Loki.

I've got to see. He said he'd hook me up with the web addy, but his mind has been on other things, he has a friend who just underwent a liver transplant. So I took matters into my own hands, thank you Google.

ChocolateDeities.com. I am SOOO amused.


ROFLMAo omg, that is SO wrong. YOu can even choose what kind of chocolate you get: there's a milk chocolate loki, a dark chocolate loki and a white choc. loki. sooooo wrong :P
I don't see anything wrong about it. I'll be ordering me some, and I think some as offerings for Loki & Sigynn too. Especially, Sigynn. :P
*G* I'm sure She'll love it but.....I could not in good conscience eat Deity candy. :P