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a tree of money...

We're due for our quarterly bonus here fairly soon. Once that arrives I have plans for it, i.e. this gorgeous sculpture of Yggdrasil I found, as well as a few other things I'm ear-marking the money for, namely funds for giftage for various friends who are getting married this summer.

I wish the bonus would arrive already.


I'm not a patient sort. Not at all.


Know how you feel. We finally got our tax return in, for us, there will be religious purchases abounding (after bills, gah) in the form of trees and other items for the holy grove. I'm thinking a triad of apple trees in the front yard too. That spot where we buried the dog last year is looking really green...perfect spot to plant a tree. :-D
there's this anime story about the sakurazakamori (cherry blossom assasin) and he feeds his victom to a particular sakura (cherry blossom) tree. And because of this the petals are a dark pink, instead of white with pink tint.

Somehow the green bit of grass reminds me of this :P

I think three apple trees would be great. Allt he same sort of apple? or will you have varying apple trees?
and obviously I can't spell at all tonight.