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Meme that's going around:

Recommend one of each of the following:
1. A book - The Secret Garden
2. A movie - Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy
3. A music cd - Ocean Colour Scene's Mosley Shoals

Ask me any three questions you want. I don't promise to answer anything that's too personal on lj though--just to give y'all fair warning.


Interested in norse mythology

1. Are you of Norwegian descent?
2. What is harrowmoot?
3. Who is loki and what does he/she represent?

Re: Interested in norse mythology

1) As far as I know... no. But I've got a great deal of European ancestry, and I have definite Germanic descent, so it wouldn't surprise me to discover that I have some Scandinavian blood in me at some point.

2) Harrowmoot, is a moot (a heathen gathering) held in Texas. This past year was only it's second year, and featured scholar Stephen Pollington (who wrote Mead Hall, and Leechcraft and a few others).

3) Loki numbers among the Aesir. He is a God, and oath-brother to the god Odin. The closest sort of God archetype he resembles is that of the Trickster, and thus represents change and transformation.

Re: Interested in norse mythology

Is there a god named olig that you know of? Is Aesir just the name for all the norse gods? Loki is the root of my given name....interesting. I am Norwegian through and through on both sides back to the 15th century.
The secret garden is the best book ever. :)
I certainly think so. :) I adore that book, and the Hallmark produced adaptation.
Would you mind if I put you on my friends list? I am interested in norse myth and would like a few people who write about it.