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Loki in the house?

So I attended a blot & sumbel this past weekend... and in the process was straddled by a guy in a kilt, hugged, and fake humped. This all occured as Sir Kilt (as I shall call him) bid us all farewell, he gave a hug to the woman with the toddler on her lap, came in for a hug that ended up in the previous acrobatics to me, and when done (and me still laughing myself silly) did a flash of his kilt to the last lady in the house... alas, he doesn't go commando, but was wearing baggy grey boxers.

Yes you read that correctly. I was quite surprised as well, but I was also laughing myself silly, you had to be there, it was a very... Lokean thing to do somehow. It reminded me a great deal of the scenario in the Eddas where Loki is trying to amuse Skadhi with a goat.

Such a maneuver would normally have gotten the person in question a series of black and blue bruises, if I decided to let them live at all... I'm still a bit rather surprised I took this in a good way, must have been the random silliness involved, instead of something else entirely.

On my way home, a coyote crossed the street in front of me... first time I'd ever seen a coyote out in the wild, and not in a zoo somewhere. It stopped in it's leisurely pad-foot walk, turned to look at me as it stood in the middle of the road, and I was stopped, before it then turned back to whatever it was doing, disapeeparing into the tall grass and weeds.

I'd had a rather rough week and had been a bit down/depressed. I take the above as my dear, dear Loki giving me a little sign that He's thinking of me, and wanting to cheer me up. It was a nice touch. He truly is a kind God for those who give Him a chance.


What is it about men in kilts exposing themselves to anyone who will look??? Creepy.
well considering he wasn't going "traditional" in his under the kilt garb, it wasn't really exposing himself.