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I'm now in circulation...

For those of you waiting on my thesis to be in the system... I believe you can now request it! Not only is it available at my University's Library (and searchable in their online library catalog: http://pulse.uta.edu/) but I also received my letter from the Library of Congress today with my Copyright registration on it... which seems to suggest to me at least, they now have it on file too.

I was also surprised to see my undergraduate Honor's thesis also in the system... I was never happy with how I ended it, I got time crunched... and always planned to go back and re-work the ending entirely differently... but well, it is there. Mediocre as I think it is (at least in retrospect).


Very cool. Can you order a copy on gale dissertation abstracts yet?
no clue. Since I don't have ready access to look anymore I'm really not sure.