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Pollen blows, literally.

Blot & sumbel were far more tame this past weekend, then the previous one. The crazy Irishman in the kilt was not quite so crazy this time. There had been a couple of birthdays this last week before the rituals, so I had come bringing gifts. For Rachel_w I got her a butterly necklace, the pendant in honey amber and butterscotch amber, set in silver, on a simple silver chain. I also got her a book. One of the kids in the kindred had his birthday, and since I felt he was old enough to appreciate it, I got him the first 2 novels of Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok. I figured even with some of the facts wrong, it would stillb e neat to read a comic story that stars our Gods and Goddesses. I was right too, his grin was near maniacal as he saw what he got. :)

Unfortunately when we went outside for blot, and the brief jaunt around the Maypole... the exposure, triggered off a nasty hayfever attack. I spent the next several hours sneezing, with a runny nose, and my eyes tearing up. Bleh. And even with that hayfever attack, it was a tame one to how I really get when I truly have a bad spell.


I'm reading up on the book, love the pendant. Thanks so much!

So, any fic requests for what is sure to be improved sex scenes??? ;-)
Hmm lean, lithe, luscious elves. Long hair, pointy ears. But an elf man wooing a female (elven or human, your choice :P). BDSM is not necessary :P just some nice steamy smut, with a fairly believable plot, and emotional attachment between the characters in the world you create. ^_^