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Well, gotta pack tonight, because tomorrow I'm off to NY, to meet up with my oath-sister, and then we're heading on to New Hampshire, for Litha.


Multiple hours as a sardine in a plane, followed by multiple hours of being a sardine in a car.


*head thunks desk*

Gods I hope I still have some vicodin left, I'm going to need it, it's going to be utter murder on my back and knees.


What wrong? are you not feeling the joy of the Litha season? Bloody big bonfires...lots to drink...com'on, its gonna be really fun! You gotta like that. I'll be there, and I am bringing a friend....mr. jack daniels, hes a good guy. I think that you will like him. Oh, did I mention that there is gonna be fire!?

See you soon,

I'm sorry but Jack and I do not get along, I'm actually bloody ALLERGIC to alcohol.

I break out in a rash when rubbing alcohol is used to disinfect a wound, and imbibing alcohol plays utter havoc on my sinuses.


And fire is only good, when you can throw people in it. :P

I'm so sorry I dont get to see you on this all too brief trip to NYC. Next time I really hope to. Have an incredible time at Litha. Nh this time of year is gorgeous.
NH this time of year was HOT. Good grief we baked.