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Winternights & Oaths made...

This past weekend I attended the Winternight festivities hosted at the Wodenings, with Holy Spring providing symbel, and Diana Paxson providing her skills as seidhrkonna to those in attendance.

Tee made a marvelous and well flavored ham, and despite my food allergies to pork I went ahead and had a small bite worth... and quickly rued the fact. It was so good I desperately wanted more... but to consume such would have left me quite sick. I'm already fighting off a sinus infection, no need to aggravate my health unnecessarily.

I have seen many seidhrkonna's end up playing horse and voice to Odin, and I always know the instant when Odin's words are no longer being relayed via the seidhrkonna, but rather are coming direct from him. Almost always there is this rich deep chuckle that is uniquely the All-father's alone. That chuckle is like the solace of a firewarmed blanket wrapped around you on a bitingly cold winter's day. I think however that I do begin to share my oath-sister's opinion on brining those in attendance on the journey. For the novice and uninitiated it can be quite dangerous, it may provide the seidhr-worker with a bit of an energy boost, but I've always found that when I do manage to successfully achieve a tranced state, I don't need the energy of others, I almost invariable feed off of the rich divine energy that is always present.

Jennifer has been in the process of developing her own methodology loosely based off of Hrafnar style. So far, although it may work, it lacks the sort of vitality and sparkling sense of energy that is both vivacious and efficacious that I have seen among other seidhr-workers. But with all who follow this path, it usually takes a great deal of experience, as well as trial and error and the tailoring of techniques to suit an individual seidhr-worker before things really click and focus sharply into place. I'm curious to see how her technique and style will be a few years from now. I imagine that will be when she truly begins to come into her own.

My oath-sister is in some ways more direct, she trances down with a song unique to her, and then can read very deeply. I myself see my own skills falling along far more similarily there. The guided meditations of others never work for me, and I have always had to find my own way. Diana's guiding to the gates of hel I lost, it's so easy for me to hear a trancing song or a drumbeat and feel the power and beat of it pulse with the words and feeling of "I am" that I do not need the other method. I also find that it can be somewhat limiting, not everyone is good with visualization. This is why I always augment such things with the other senses as well. I think my personal challenge lies in the fact that I can usually access the voices and words of the gods and goddesses easily; I have been hearing them, and sharing their words in counseling to others since I was in 8th grade. I struggle more in communicating with others such as the dead. Right now I'm very much hit or miss, so I need to hone my skills for consistency. So I have much to work on.

I oathed during symbel, to write by year's end a children's story that is Sigynn influenced and/or inspired. I've got a few ideas already circulating in my mind, we'll see which one ends up becoming chosen.


Another lokadottr???
And you know Dianabanana? :D
Way out in texas though!
Also- oh, I am so glad to hear that someone else is giving Sygn some attention! I have a little piece I wrote about her, if you would like to see. :o
Well I never choose the state I live in... but I am here none the less. I know what you mean re: Sigynn, it does drive me postal sometimes the way she is treated within our community.
I think that Sygn is wonderful. She is so loyal,a nd so loving! such sacrifices she makes...
I have had a UPG that she is fond of the colour green, and that she is very earth/plant related, for some reason. What do you think?