Trickster's Daughter (lokis_dottir) wrote,
Trickster's Daughter

gift woes...

I'm just flabbergasted at the moment...

I had commissioned some work from a heathen craftsman, a special and unique gift that I'd be giving for a special occassion later this year. This heathen craftsman has a good reputation in the community... I've seen their previous work (both pictures of it, and up close and personal models). I've even been gifted with some of their work... and have always found it to be sound.

As part of the commission, I paid half in advance, and was to pay half on completion. The commission arrived in the mail today... with a note that essentially read "I don't have time for projects anymore. You don't owe me the remainder. I hope you find it useful."

Useful... maybe for kindling in a fire! It was incredibly rough and uneven, with varnish stains on the glass, some of the glass panes shattered in shipping, the wood looks, not carved in places, but rather that worms got to it and ate away at it vaguely in meandering wavey runic shapes... and it's so rough that it still has saw dust all over it, stuck on like gunky grits. How could this be "useful?" I could not give
that to someone, it looks like something thrown together by leftover mismatched bits of student amateur work in the heat of a moment to finish a deadline with no skill, no art, no craft to it. It wasn't even decently sanded, it has roughs spots all over it that catch at the slightest little thing.

You know I'd be perturbed, but would understand, if my money was refunded, and I was apologized too (and never received the item). But to give me such a half-assed item, when they clearly don't feel it's worth full payment is an insult to the downpayment I gave in good faith!

I'm upset. I went to a lot of effort to find and commission the perfect gift... I amde sure the artisan had PLENTY of time to work on it (i.e. several months)... and I receive this? With no real time to attempt to find another artisan who could compelte it in the remaining time left? It just brings me to tears. It really does.

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