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apparently, the gods have stopped handing out brains and brain cels...

tamyris Has had an interesting.. rant/discussion come up on her LJ of late... that of idiots at large, but especially idiots in the vast world of Paganism. In response to one of her posts... I had quite a lengthy post/rant as well, which I felt, is a post of itself here... and so I share with all of you, my thoughts on the matter:

The pandemic trend in Paganism and New-Age beliefs/teachings...: Everyone is an expert. You could find any 5 books on the same subject, and they'd vastly contradict each other at numerous points! Why? because every Tom, Dick, and Jane, irregardless of their knowledge or their capability (or rather incapability) to do legitimate research, just self-publish their own books based upon what they believe. Gah.

And so with this, we get the ridiculous concept that pre-Christianity, there was 1 vast polytheistic matriarchal religion. GAH! Talk about disrespectful to every single religion out there, let alone their Gods!

It's also why you get these ignoramouses who "worship" Freyja, as a Goddess of magic and light and cats... and who will argue with you until they're blue in the face that She IS NOT also a Goddess of War. Hello, there's a reason *WHY* she get's not only HALF of the battle-slain, but the first half! In other words, she gets her choice, even before Odin. Gah. Idiots.

It's why you have the traditional Native American community, ready to kill anyone with the label "pagan", because these idiots took their traditions, which were part of service to the tribe... and commercialized them for profit, without any understanding. A few years ago, I was trying to get a much better understanding of what it means today, to be a Native American. You see I'm 1/16 Cherokee, had ancestors on both sides of my family who survived the trail of tears, but AI know next to nothing (outside of a basic academic history) of what it means to be Native American to someone who lives that way. I hit up some mailing lists, wanting nothing more than to gain a bit better understanding. I felt it was important knowledge for me to have, to better understand those ancestors from that culture... so that I could in turn, better honor them... and if you think WE (heathens) get mad about the misappropriation of our own religious aspects, good grief, our anger doesn't compare to THEIRS. They've lump-summed us all together (for the most part), and those with any true knowledge/wisdom, have disappeared off of the public lists entirely. Bad enough the government culturally raped these cultures out of existence... to the point that what was left, was taught in extreme secret... now neo-pagans/new-agers, and all in all "interfaith idiots" have obstructed my attempts at understanding and affected my ancestral responsibilities by their sheer idiocy and hubris. And we will not even discuss the medical expenses of EXCEDRIN that they owe me, and many of us for having to deal with their sheer moronic carefree stupidity. [I feel like I should get a Pagan insult generator, along the lines of the Shakespearean insult generator... and insert it here.]

They're like little children screaming "mine" and throwing a hissy fit and a horrid tantrum when they don't get it. It's no wonder people notice that. Let's face it, in a crowded store, people notice the SCREAMING kids, and not the quietly well-behaved ones.

Idiots. With their 25 rune sets. Bleh.

P.S. And yes I realize that there are folks out there with a CLUE (TM) and with a brain who know better... and to them I can only sob thankfully in relief, THANK GOD YOU UNDERSTAND... but to the idiots... *growls* I swear you lot all owe me wergild. But if idiots paid out wergild, I imagine many of us would be billionaires.