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Rising to the Challenge...

So many things have been happening of late... and there are so many people, including heathens currently in need. Lady Tee, has done an amazing job coordinating donations and hooking them up to heathens in need. The work in and of itself is worthy of tremendous praise... but to see this come into fruition, especially at this hour of need, I cannot help but feel extremly proud. If you'd like to read up on what she's doing, or what the needs are, please check out the frigefund.

Sometimes the heathen community, seems a vast nation of folks separated, disparate, apart. And yet here we are coming together in the true meaning of frith, that of right action. Helping out our folk, and seeing that they get the help we can provide to them. It's easy to hail a horn together when things are good, but it is the mark of a community, especially of a community's vitality, or being able to come together in a time of need. To see our growing community meeting this need, is a true sight and wonder to behold. It is something that awes me, even in the face of the disaster, on the grand scale, and on the personal scale that have faced so many.

I'll be donating of my time, and my own limited resources. I'll be volunteering with the Red Cross. It's one thing that was instilled in me, you always give back to your community. Our leaders should be shamed to see how indivduals have stepped up to the challenge, when they were the ones with the means and the power incapable of doing their jobs. It is a travesty. And I personalyl feel it borders on treason, if it's not treason altogether.

Over the weekend, I enjoyed my last known weekend I know that I'll undoubtedly have free in the coming weeks. Lord Brian was visting the area, and I dropped in and said hello and tempted Lady Tee much with the chocolate strawberries I know she likes so. There was no formal reception, just a good old laid back visit, and those are sometimes the best ones to have. And Oh dear did I hear stories... of Shay, the crazy irishman in the kilt.

Apparently, there are heathens in our midst who have aspirations of a "Heathen Quarter" in New Orleans, I think their nuts. I grew up there, I was born there, I wouldn't want to live there. And anyway, shouldn't we find land that's more sound from the point of being defensible and "sturdy" for our needs? Not so damn vulnerable to the whims of Mother Nature? Even amateur strategists know, you always want the higher ground.


Chocolate strawberries are delightful to all a lady's senses.

Just catching up on the LJ
Thanks for the kind words.;-)

*keels over*

I've never known you to read outside of posts on the Wodening Livejournal.

Call me surprised.
Oh yes sometimes I do wander around a bit when the late night ramblings take me. Usually to see what you, Galina, Chris and Rachel are up too!