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On Loki & Sigynn...

Sometimes the narrow-mindedness of our community astounds me. Choosing to honor Loki, and to do so publicaly... is always a challenge. Many people don't want to touch Loki with a 10-foot pole, ignoring Him, won't make Him go away, and sometimes it is funny to watch how people side-step away from Loki. I can at least respect those who are... traditionalists, who they themselves like to give Loki a wide berth, but offer up the traditional offerings. For as Odin's oath-brother he is entitled to be honored as Odin is. Some might argue that Ragnarok ended such an oath... but there is no formal dissolution of the oath, no outcry from Odin even with the death of Baldur. Without trying to put meaning there that may not exist, I think it is safe at least to say that the oath-bond, its effect, and nature is not something easily understood by us today, and we lost alot of that understanding from the time of our ancestor's until today.

But what I find truly irreprehensible is the attitude of many heathens towards Sigynn. A few years ago I was briefly subscribed to a highly popular (as in several hundred subscribers) mailing list that was solely about the asyngyr (so I can't recall how to spell the word -_-). The majority of the list began trashing Sigynn. Saying that she was no better than a battered wife in an abusive relationship, some went so far as to villify Her and call Her inappropriate names. In the lore there is no reference to Loki even being cruel, mean, or abusive in any way to Sigynn. Yes he made her cry, but she wept for the pain he when Skadhi bound him to a rock and had a snake drip poison down upon him.

Sigynn is not the country equivalent of the Tammy Wynette song of "Stand By Your Man" to think so is to limit her, although she was ever faithful to Loki. I imagine that as she held out the vessel to catch the snake's poison in, that surely if the venom caused Loki to writhe with pain... that it must be akin to acid burns on the skin. Surely, certainly, some of this same venom spilled over the vessel onto Sigynn's own hands.

It pains me, to see a Goddess so infinitely patient, so incredibly loving, so powerful to be ignored because she represents uncomfortable aspects and questions within our religion, on what precisely should we truly think of Loki?

Her presence is like the warm breeze on a pleasant sunny day, and when you invoke her wrath, woe betide whoever may get in her way. In my own experience I have personally felt her wrath only once, and that was towards one who was stalking a woman who had refused him (they never EVER dated), and began harassing her, her friends, her friends childrens, as well as endangering the lives of her nieces and nephews. The woman's male relatives, (her father and older brothers) beat the hell out of this guy, and still he would not desist. And due to the laws in the state where she lived she was unable to do very little legally against him.

Sigynn is protective of all, but threaten a child, and whoa... she gives new meaning to the phrase "the female of the species is far deadlier than the male."

Honoring Sigynn can be quite a hit to one's wallet... she has a tendency to end up with altars that contain finely crafted dolls and toys, as well as jewelry.

It is a treat for me to honor Sigynn, she has been solace and comfort to me more times than I can count... and when she is about, there is a sense of Loki around, not as strong as he often times chooses to be, but more like one who is keeping a careful watchful eye on something precious to Him.

Loki had his own role to play among those of asgard, and to think of him as the villain solely is not accurate. That bespeaks of the Christian dualistic thought of right and wrong, of black and white. Oftentimes Loki may cause mischief, even harm... but almost every instance in our lore has a great boon gained from what he has begun. Otherwise there would be no mjollnir, no sleipnir, nor many of the other items that are part and parcel of our beliefs. He is the oxymoron of our ways, the wise fool. He reminds us to laugh when we need it, and He will do whatever it takes to catch our attention and have us learn what we need to learn. He is not an easy God to work with... because change is never easy, but there is much to be learned from Him, and even more that can be learned by his wife Sigynn.
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Yar sister, absolutely!
Yes, I have been saying many of these exact same things, sometimes even with the same wording, for some time now!
I am SOOOO glad to hear someone else saying it as well. Really, really glad.
thank you, for that. Never stop speaking. Never let those who live in fear of change and time silence you, for to know these things is a gift, and while many do not wish to learn the lesson, I feel that those of us who have learned it must perservere, out of love for Loki and Sygn, and love of truth, if nothing else...
Oh I've been saying so in various words for years now. I think part of the problem, is many speak of Loki, without understanding him as more than a prankster. They see him with no substance, and thus many people in the community only learn of Loki through these persons.
Hi TD,

Interrestingly enough, I haven't heard all that much about Syginn other than knowing that she carries the bowls of poision away from Loki's face. I know that must take fortitude, patience, and great love, but other than that I don't think she's studied all that much.

If you'd like to do a class on Sygnn at some AT gatherings that would be cool as I'd like to learn more about her. We try to hold classes before our blots since we're all getting together anyway and most people in AT tend to be too busy to be able to make it to a seperate class time(myself included).

When it comes to Loki, I'll admit I'm something of a traditionalist, though I have several friends who follow Loki, I prefer to appriciate him from a distance ;-). But, I do recognise that as blood-brother of Odin he is worthy of respect, and the fact that even when he did things which caused harm, in most cases he made up for it in abundance(Sif's hair replaced with gold, he got Thor's hammer made by the dwarves, saved the gods on other occasions like at the building of Asgards wall, and afterwards gave Odin the great horse Slepnir).
I would be honored to do such a class on Sigynn. My schedule is a bit crazy right now. (When hasn't it been of late? *sighs*)

I'll let you know when I have a lesson prepared. I certainly don't want to commit to doing a lesson at a blot when I don't even have the lesson done yet. :P

Once I have it prepared we can then go over the schedule for AT blots (make sure I can make it :P) and then properly schedule it. :)

Why are all the cool pagans in Texas?

...okay, so there are apparently cool ones in New York city as well. Hi, I found your blog through Meiou-san. I just recently was dragged into recognizing Loki since...well, he felt that it was time, apparently. I admit that I probably have a lot more research to do, but I tend to worry about getting involved in discussions with other Asatru more from what I've heard about reactions to Loki than actual reactions I've seen. I don't feel particularly drawn to any other Norse gods at this point, though I recognize in a general sense the existance of all gods.

Uh, but the main point of this is that you seem very cool, and I wanted to say hello.

Re: Why are all the cool pagans in Texas?

Trust me I understand and relate. There are times it was easier to be Christian... you had better spiritual support already there, and people didn't look at you askance because you honored god.

I get even stranger looks when I tell them I'm not only Loki's, but Frigga's as well. If the Loki bit didn't make them raise an eyebrow, the combination nearly always does.

If you ever want to talk about my beloved Loki, shoot me a line.

Re: Why are all the cool pagans in Texas?

"I get even stranger looks when I tell them I'm not only Loki's, but Frigga's as well. If the Loki bit didn't make them raise an eyebrow, the combination nearly always does."

I'll admit I probably raised an eyebrow on this one. However, you've broken many sterotypes I had about followers of Loki. I've run an e-mail list for Asatru for about five years now, and have developed my steryotypes from the people who showed up, claiming Loki as a patron, and 99% of them did nothing but cause trouble, bringing up pointless topics for debate, insulting anyone and everyone...They focused on the "mischevious" aspects of Loki and nothing else...so, I've tended to be wary of people who claim Loki as a patron because of my experiences. However, I'm glad you've broken the steryotype for me, it's good to see that someone can follow Loki, and be a nice, decent person :-) I can understand it's hard getting reactions you do, but in many cases those who have come before you are the ones who cause these reactions. Keep on going and talking to people about Loki, and I'm sure you will change people's minds about Loki and those who call on him. :-D

Re: Why are all the cool pagans in Texas?

I think the problem is many say they are claimed by Loki, knowing little more than he is a troublemaker. They haven't bothered to look beyond the obvious.