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The Mead of Inspiration...

In a discussion a couple nights back with a friend who is pagan, but not heathen... we were talking about the significance of the horn in ritual, the speaking over it, the passing of it, and the drinking of the contents it's hold. And I realized something, even most heathens I think don't really "get it." Yeah so it's part of our rituals and thus we do it, but they don't get how it ties to the tree, how it ties to the wyrd, the gods and goddesses, the ancestors, the disir, as well as everyone and everything else. They don't get it on that gut visceral level, and I think they should.

The Catholic church has classes to teach their members about the significance of partaking of Communion before they do partake of their first one, and frankly I always felt it a bit silly... and now, I'm beginning to understand their reasonings behind it. @_@

I think we have far too many folks out there speaking over the horn and not understanding just what that truly implies.