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Went out to White Sage for the Penda festivities. The turn out due to some necessary changes in plans, was just me, Swain, Lady Tee, Oswin and his new bosom companion, THOR the PLUSH. As Swain was working, Tee and I just conversed on a number of topics. It was a nice pleasant evening, as we talked about the upcoming Yule festivities, the state of things with the Frige Fund, and Oswin's running loquacious dialogue. Swain later said of Oswin that he had been excited when he heard I was coming that day, and kept talking about me. (Awwww... isn't that cute?). tamyris and I gifted him with a plush of Thor for his birthday, we had been waiting for the sucker to arrive, as when I placed the order it was on back-order a bit. I walk in the door "Oswin... look what Tam and I got you for your birthday..." he took said plush and then very energetically began playing with it. I think he _really_ liked it. So he can take Thor to bed now, to slay any beasts that live under the bed and in the closet.

Alas, I was going to abduct Lady Tee this Friday (as I'm taking a day off) but unfortunately, she's got work related duties that day. As it is I still plan to make my first venture out to the Scandinavian retail store, the Wooden Spoon. It's a payday and it is time to look for yule time gifts afterall. :)


Oswin has gone to bed with Thor every night. He carries Thor around with him. So far Thor and Oswin have slayed Puff the Magic Dragon, Stan the Snake, Bo Bo who is bear and laid waste to any house wight that wished to play. Thank you so much Cheree and Galina, Oswin adores it. It is delightful to see him smile so much.

Now to my favorite store the Wooden Spoon, what time were you considering traveling over there? My workshop is still on but depending on the time you might see me.;-) Oh, the mirrors are a wonderful addition, catches all sorts wonders with its glow. The herbs were a special treat as well. Thank you for thinking of me and the boys.


Well a heathen boy, as he's approaching that age of talking and walking, and soon getting into all sorts of grand adventures and mischief, needs Thor as a steadfast and constant companion, so no matter what sort of pickle he manages to stumbel into, Thor can help him out!

I was thinking early afternoon probably around 2ish or so. After I grabbed a bite to eat... granted I am going to a midnight showing the evening prior to see Harry Potter movie 4, and I hear it's a long one, so alot of my day depends on when I can drag myself out of bed on Friday. :)

Wanted to look at what they had with yule approaching... there's a few folks I'm trying to think of gifts for.