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The Wooden Spoon

I took this past Friday off work to 1) sleep in and recover after the midnight showing of Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire, and to also start in on some of my yule-time shopping. I went on my first outing to the Scandinavian store the Wooden Spoon. I rarely drive out into or through Dallas, and I was reminded why on the trip... I nearly got into a number of accidents, I just adore Dallas drivers (please note I was being SARCASTIC)... who don't bother to signal, who cut you off when there's half a car link between you and the car in front of or behind on, and who cross lanes without bothering to look, and think that even if there's only a foot between you and the next car you should still go 60+ mph. Irregardless of the traffic resembling a parking lot, more so than a freely flowing road.

I enjoyed the store, they had the most adorable little wooden fluffy viking statuettes, and no I didn't get any. I did pick up some jewelry for moi, and some things I've already mailed off to their intended recipients. The people there are very friendly and helpful, but as I was sick and getting over a sinus infection, I really had no desire to be engaged in conversation. Especially with a bull frog sounding better than I did.

According to map quest it should only take 45 minutes to get there, but traffic meant an hour there, and nearly 2 hours to get home as even though I was heading home around 3pm on Friday from the store in Plano... traffic had already noticeably built-up.


Try driving every day in Dallas traffic to downtown..eek.

The good point is you survived.

You enjoyed the Wooden Spoon, a treasure chest of delights and goodies to woo,aohoo and coo over. They now have a web site. Something they did not a year ago.

The bad point the traffic will not get better only worse.
Even being 20 miles from the store, I find it often easier just to mail order, due to the traffic. I believe we are becoming a mini Houston.

Funny, when I moved out here over 13 years ago, my hometown had 1400 people and one goat. I owned the goat. I miss Bobby from time to time.

There are times I wish to move even farther out (BFE) if possible. Other times, I wish to move closer to Granbury. The kicker in the deal is the job factor.

Maybe I should just build a large stone fence around the entire property, add a moot and purchase a Sherman tank.


See at least with downtown Dallas, I can avoid driving there, by just hoping 15 minutes over to the T-Rail car line into Dallas. :) Faster, less headache, and with gas prices the way they are, infinitely cheaper.

And I had checked out their website, but there were many things not on their site that was in the store.