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As many of you should recall, my birthday was this past September. My oath-sib, tamyris got for my birthday, this lovely statue depicting Yggdrassil, showing Odin hanging, Hella, the Norns, huginn & muninn, etc. Where she ordered it from was backordered, and the statue, FINALLY appeared yesterday.. except it came broken (right down the middle).


Luckily the store is sending out a replacement, but I want my goodie NOW, and whole.



that sounds so cool, I'm sorry its broken.
Aaw, its so nice. I hope the shop/craftsperson is nice about credit/exchange.
We heard back from the place, they're shipping us out a new one, and only inquired about packaging to see if they needed to change the way they package it. :) They haven't even told me to send back the old one.
WOW!! That is just gorgeous!!!
Seems like I get to keep the broken one... with a bit of the right sort of glue it could be repaired, though there will be a faint tell-tale line of the break. If I don't have to return it, you're welcome to it if you don't mind a fixer-upper?

Very pretty Cheree!
Hail Tamyris!
Indeed it's rather nice, and I'm PICKY. Nice size too, it's around 2 feet tall