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Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok

ADVFilms has an official download available via bit torrent (downloading peer to peer software) for the Japanese animated series "Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok." (I believe it's all of episode 1 in it's entirety). There's certainly some creative license with the Aesir & Vanir, but I still think that the series is fun, and especially for heathens with kids, it's a chance to have them watch an animated series that features Thor, Heimdall, The Norns, Freya, etc.

I figured there might be some folks interested:


The first DVD is already out, and the second one comes out mid-December. There are 26 episodes in total to the series.

The graphic novels (or manga) are coming out as well. But if you choose to go after these, please keep in mind that the comic series in Japan switched publishers mid-way through, so the American release of the graphic novels picks up mid-way through the series for those later parts of the story printed by the other publisher. In other words, it starts up in the middle of the story.

Premise: Loki, has been exiled to Midgard by Odin, and forced to take the form of a child (as it limits his power). In order to regain access to Asgard, he must collect evil auras that overwhelm human hearts. To facilitate this task he runs a detective agency, thinking that mysteries will come his way as these evil auras will no doubt spread unusual occurences in their wake and presence. But even as he does this task, there are dark undercurrents pointing to sinister things looming on the horizon.

The series is rather cute, and despite being a mystery with supernatural overtones, the series is an action-packed show with comedic elements. I'd rate it around the PG range (at least the original, I'm not sure if they took liberties with the English translation and subsequent dubbing). Age-wise I'd say the show is probably best with older children on up. :)