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As someone once said, Asatru get as excited about books pertaining to our way of life, and the history and culture from which it originated as many do with pornographic materials. In fact, that to us these books are pornographic materials. We go through a great deal to get the books, and ares sometimes highly secretive over getting them (not wanting to reveal our sources for harder to find books).

Indeed, with me doing my thesis research i at least have the resources of my University library and the wonderful thing called Interlibrary Loan. Yet, there are times I would really like to see a massive list of books, broken up into general subject headings, or a cross-referencable and searchable database of books with keywords, and summaries. It would make my life, and i suspect the lives of many others a great deal easier.

I recently acquired "Norse Mythology: A Guide to the Gods, Heroes, Rituals, and Beliefs" by John Lindow. I've not heard anything about the book, but it looks to be a reputable resource, since it is published by Oxford University Press. It is also far more current (first printing was published in 2001) than many other books I've been looking at. I figure, if the book turns out to be what I expect it to be, that I'll end up drawing on it quite a bit, at least in the introductory elements of my thesis...

Although it appears to be an analysis, far more literary than what I would prefer, it does from first glance have an excellent section on the gods. quite thorough, and since I'm about to re-read the eddas again as well as the sagas, I'm using it as a bit of a primer to refresh my memory to those Gods that are not so familiar to me. Heck, it has a sort of glossary type reference to the gods and references to them, such as Elli (ie, old-age), which is only mentioned once in all of our lore. (At least as far as I know.)

The last section of the book may be the most useful... it includes a listing of "print and nonprint resources" which is further broken down into subject topics such as women and gender, eddic and skaldic poetry, etc.

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