Trickster's Daughter (lokis_dottir) wrote,
Trickster's Daughter

I warned you...

I know Sigynn. Sigynn is rarely honored among Heathens, in part no doubt because compared to those Goddesses more regularly honored, there is little that survives about her. But also in part because of who she happens to be wed too, as Loki is quite a controversial God among Heathens invoking a plethora of reactions.

Because of this, and her own unique personality she has a tendency to consume all available altar space, even from other deities at times with the proprietary nature of a child clutching a teddy bear and glomping it declaring it as "mine." She has a certain penchant especially for keys, and key related jewelry. So when I made my previous LJ post, I had specifically warned tamyris NOT to read it or Sigynn would do damage to her pocketbook. Does my oath-sib listen? Oh no...

She scurries off to load the page, and then I get an AIM from her esssentially declaring "shit" as Sigynn had made herself heard, and was doing the "I want that" whammy. Sigynn is now a few keys richer today (granted she'll have to wait until they arrive in the mail). But she knows they are coming.

And all I can say is, tamyris dear, I WARNED YOU. Not my fault you do not heed my words.

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