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tongue blocked and writer's tied

Currently I find myself in a wrestling match of words, and thoughts, and my own ill-adequate brain that has essentially refused to work after completing my Master's thesis over a year ago. I'm working on a number of articles on various heathen topics:

  • words over the horn & the significance thereof
  • Troth & Frith and how it applies to Wyrd & Thew
  • and some various articles on specific Gods and Goddesses
  • On the role of Women and Goddesses as those who ward and uphold the ways.

For the first topic my research is done, my notes are there, and I more or less know the general statements I wish to make. The problem for me comes in establishing an orderly presentation of the material, followed by a smooth and not-so-choppy flow. Unfortuantely my one major weakness in writing has always been what I consider to be elementary and simplistic transitions that detract from an otherwise well written piece. And in recent years I've began having a dyslexia type of problem, not so much with letters, but rather that I think one word, and write/type another. So when I think "inevitable" I write "inedible", or in some cases the antonym of the word I am thinking. This trait drives me BONKERS.

For Troth and Frith, I'm about half way through my research and a general map of what I wish to say. I think many Heathens use these words often, without the true understanding of the words beyond the most obvious sense. Much of this ties into Wyrd as well. This might end up being combined with the first article... as there are (in my mind at least) numerous points of interconnectivity.

The last series of articles on various Gods and Goddesses is a follow up to words I spoke over the horn when attending Litha festivities at the Brangas. I have noticed that as a community, we hail Odin, Freyr, Tyr, Thor, Frigga, Freyja, Sif... but with as many of us as there are you can go to even the largest of heathen gatherings and the majority of everyone present will hail essentially the same 4 or 5 Gods. Why? My thoughts to this are two-fold. the most common reason is that there are many Gods and Goddesses that while we know they existed there is little readily accessible information on them. The other reason we lean on the other Gods and Goddesses as a "crutch" if you will, is because they are the known and familiar. Humans are creatures of habit (for the most part) while there are always some curious and adventurous souls out there, most prefer the "known" to the "unknown."

When was the last time you heard Njord hailed in sumbel? Baldir? Saga? Ullr? Verdandi, Skuld, Urd? Syn? Var? Skadi, Rind, Eir, Forsetti, Vidar, Hod, Ull, Vor, Mimir, Idunna, Hoenir, Gna, heimdall, Fulla, Gerd, Od, Ran, Nerthis, Lodur? And even still there are many, many more Gods and Goddesses we do not hail in sumbel, let alone in our private practices. And I have not even touched the more controversial Loki, Hel, Sigynn, etc.

Last but not least is an article that it seems I've been writing in sections for years throughout my graduate career, and even now. While doing research elsewhere I kept finding things that pointed to and highlighted the role of women as far more than we give them credit for in our collective Heathen tradition. So I plan to start pulling together my many disparate pieces of evidence into an article. Who knows it may become a book. It seems as if I am constantly finding more instances and evidence thereof to further support such a topic.