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murphy's law strikes again


*glares at her attempts at Yule presents*

This is SOOOO not going according to plan.

*Continues to glare at IT*


Then put "IT" down and come back to it later. Do something else, read abook, tell a joke, chase to dust bunnies, eat a sandwich, have sex just do anything but "IT"

Well as I'm the old-fashion short, no premarital sex for me... um that last suggestion isn't practical...

I just went ahead and read a book. :)

Sex and Cheree

" Figuratively " Cheree not literally! LOL! I believe Tamyris would have a hissy if you actually did have sex causally. I would say " Say What????" and proceed to find out who, what , where and go about demanding a morning gift. LOL, you are grown and have a great head on your shoulders, I am not worried at all in that dept...... then again I could just let Tamyris......(evil Tee, evil Tee) LOL.

Did "It" behave better today?
Got your Yule card just a few minutes ago. Thanks for thinking of us. It is sooooooo cute, noticed the label to.'-)

Re: Sex and Cheree

I haven't made any new attempts at it since.

I'lld efinitely bring desert for Mother's Night... if not the hummingbird cake, then I might bring cheesecake on a stick, I'm experimenting with that at the moment. :)

You could just let Tamyris WHAT?