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talking to elves...

I have no need to go hire someone to talk to the elves to see if I can construct a building... nay I am fully capable myself of talking to elves... I talk to Legolas, I talk to Haldir... tis a pity they do not respond back to me...


Tis time to go buy the Two Towers Extended Edition DVD that released today, me thinks.


I heard there's going to be a major extended verions of LOTR which includes Tom Bombadil in the first one...have you heard of this?
Wild, unsubstatintiated rumor. Tom Bombadil was never cast, was not in the script at any time with the intention to be filmed. The rumor is based off Peter Jackson saying he wish he could add him back in. The problem is once ROTK: EE DVD comes out, that's it. Weta Digital already has years of their work lined up afore them, and i don't see PJ coming back after several years, re-casting much older Sam, merry, Pippin, and Frodo, and a new actor, plus hoping they can do everything the same way to get the same feel, and hiring Howard Shore back on for the music. I'm afraid this rumor is nothing but pipe dreams, debunked by PJ himself.