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Chocolate in Winter

Went into work, only to have my wonderful boss, say she was more concerned about our safety than anything else, and that if Bridville ISD closes, we're definitely closed. Otherwise she gave us the option as we personally determine it for today and tomorrow (if weather conditions persist) to determine how safe it is for us to come to work. So I left early, to work from home for the rest of the day. :)

I just love knowing I work for a boss who is so flexible with us! :)

Had a ridiculously silly thought...

Chocolate Deities is an online store, and they have Chocolate Loki's. *giggles* I can think of several heathen groups with rather closed minds to Loki, Loki chocolate would be a deliciously wicked "gift" to give in sumbel.

Alas I'd never do such a thing. But the thought does amuse me greatly. :)

On that note, I'm going to have my God, and eat him too as an afternoon snack today m'thinks.


Good to hear you made it home okay. It is unpleasent with the nutty drivers on the road. Looks like more the same tomorrow.
:) I know, Texas drivers can't even handle the rain, let alone the cold stuff!