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to steam ahead...

I am such an overachiever... I have all of the kiddies presents wrapped for Mother's Night festivities. And all of my special handicraft item all wrapped for the adults too.


Yes I'm a dork.


Tee spies Cheree jealously...I was up to 1:30 last night and still did not finish wrapping. Good going. Hopefully I will finish today and begin working in La Rouge bakery.'-)

^.^ When it comes to wrapping presents, I'm well accustomed to it. My parents, while not necessarily hopeless, struggled with wrapping rrpesents so they left me to wrap them instead. They would even tape my presents shut in a box, and leave me to actually WRAP the present. I always thought something was fundamentally flawed about that arrangement. so I've been wrapping almost all of the presents for my family since I was age 7.

And I'm assuming La Rouge Bakery, is your cute name for your kitchen and the services of a certain Red-haired lady?
Yes, it is the name of my kitchen. '-)
Hmmm, no wonder your food is being clamored for... you've open up a little French bistro & café. :P

Grins, thanks Cheree. I like to cook. I have always held on to the belief (as wrong as it has proven in history) good food and drink make for fine company. I like to see folks smile when they try something I have cook, just as much as when I make something. Warms my heart. ;-)
It is nice, I'm usually just so strapped for time that I don't really have much time to cook. But I go on cooking/baking sprees myself from time to time.