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truth is a 3 edged sword

Pope Joan, the feminine, & monotheism...

So I taped and watched the Primetime segment this evening on "Pope Joan." This was the first I had ever heard of it, but the story of Pope Joan has been around for centuries, and evidence does pop up all over, but what still remains unclear from a scholarly perspective, is if the story is if not 100% fact, based upon fact and the story grew to such lengths as to be elaborated on, or as just a sign of the Catholic church's treatment of Women, especially in medieval Europe, in other words something of a parable or allegory.

The Catholic Church has been many things... and personally I just cannot understand how modern day Catholics, knowing the history of the Papacy can view the Pope as being God's representative on Earth. I just don't get it. And then there's the protestant angle, they point to the fallacies of the papacy and how it existed in a great deal of hypocrisy both prior and during the time of the great Catholic/Protestant schism began by Martin Luther (and arguably up into the modern era). But then, the Protestant church inherits the traditions and belief of an obviously flawed Catholic church... if one truly studies the religion of "Christianity" one sees a New Testament derived through political committee through hundreds of "gospels" available at the time... if one reaches back further to ancient Judaism, one finds evidence of at least one Goddess, Lilith. And then add to this that ancient hebrew texts usually use non-gender specific terms in describing the divine, and also vary between allegories of the divine as both masculine and feminine, adds an entirely other level to modern concepts of faith and belief among the Abrahamic religions.

This is of course before you start examining the text of Jeremiah... of Hebrews and Goddess worship. And this doesn't take into account the controversial archaeological excavation by the University of Tel Aviv in 1975-76 of an 8th Century sanctuary at Kuntillet Ajrud in the Negeb 30 miles from Kardesh Barnea. 30 years later and there has been no publishing of what was discovered there which of course has folks screaming conspiracy as purportedly the excavation revealed inscriptions, Hebrew prayers, and religious drawings that could shake the very concept of fundamental monotheism, as it mentions Yehouah having a spouse... and if you look at surrounding neighboring religions, there are other Yehouah's paired with various Goddesses.

I just adore religion, it's just so bloody complicated.It's no wonder that Heathenry is so complicated, afterall, almost without exception all of our lore was written by these papacy loving catholic christian scholars.


I wish I'd seen this. Pope Joan is a fascinating figure.

btw, Judaism has several Goddesses: Asherah, Lilith, Shekinah and figures similar to the Matronae. There are two good books on the subject: "The Hebrew Goddess" by Patai and "In the Wake of the Goddess" by Frymer-Kensky. :)

Pillers sacred to Asherah stood in Jewish temples far longer than teh fucking monotheists (I loathe monotheism) would have you think. I'd love to read the results of that excavation.
Yes I know all this. But for the life of me I can't spell their names :P