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Huginn & Muninn

Alas, my time off work has been most enjoyed, it's going to be difficult dragging myself off to work tomorrow, especially now that I've reverted back to my preferred sleep habits--up till dawn, sleep to mid-afternoon. So as I was up I was watching something about Ravens over on PBS, and had a little minor epiphany.

Huginn & Muninn (odin's ravens), are most likely a mated pair. My basis for that assumption is that while pre-adult ravens will live and work together in groups (up to the time when they hit adult status about 4 years into their lives of their near 40 year life span), adult ravens are extremely territorial. The only time adult ravens will be seen together (peaceably) out in nature (be it the woodlands or the urban jungle) is when they are a mated pair.

So I suppose the question left to ask, is which is the male and which the female?


Munnin, when do females of any species ever forget? ;-)

I forget, frequently. I swear since graduate school my mind has become a sieve, with things emptying out of it, faster than being inputted into it.


Ah well, c'est la vie and all that jazz, if I may mix my colloquillisms.