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Bragging Rights

I just wanted to brag on my oath-sister. :) She received a really fantastic review of her book, Exploring the Northern Tradition.

The book was given 5 out of 5 stars, by Michael Chesbro and follows below:

The Call of the Gods and of the Honor and Virtues of the People of the Northern Lands, February 1, 2006
There was a time when all of Northern Europe followed a common faith. The people shared a belief in the same Gods, common ethics and common values. A small portion of these beliefs and values have been passed down to us in the Eddas, Sagas and other history. In modern times there are those who still follow the old ways. All modern Heathens (those who follow the Northern Tradition) share a common theology, a common set of core values and a common documented history going back 1000+ years.

In Exploring The Northern Tradition, Galina Krasskova has captured the essence of this theology, values and history in a book that is both highly informative and at the same time enjoyable to just sit and read.

After a brief look at the history of the Northern Tradition, Galina Krasskova introduces us to what might be considered the three major branches of modern Heathenry: the Tribalist, the Universalist, and the Folkish Heathen. We are then introduced to the Theodish Belief ~ a form of Tribal Heathenry, bound together by a "web-of-oaths". Here we see tribal bonds formed between men of varying social status by means of sacred oaths. It is also pointed out that while all Theods are Tribalists, not all Tribalists hold fast to the Theodish Belief.

Galina Krasskova next introduces us to the Cosmology of the Northern Tradition. From Ginungagap to Yggdrasil; and each of the nine worlds, from Midgard to Asgard, to Helheim. We learn the structure of the Universe as it is understood by those who follow the Northern Tradition.

As we continue Exploring The Northern Tradition, Galina Krasskova introduces us to the Gods and Goddesses of our ancestors, of our blood and of the Northern People. But here we have much more than a list of the Gods. For each of the Gods and Goddesses we are offered an invocation as well as their history and stories of their deeds. Consisting of about one-third of the book, this section gives the reader the opportunity to know the Gods and Goddesses that still call to us, even today.

After meeting the Gods of our ancestors we are introduced to concepts unique to the Northern Tradition. Galina Krasskova explains the concept of Wyrd and the Soul Matrix. Heathern ethics and values are explained, giving us an introduction to the Nine Noble Virtues and the 12 AEtheling Thews.

Finally, Exploring The Northern Tradition closes with chapters on the Blot, Symbel, and Personal Devotions.

I found Exploring The Northern Tradition to be well-written, properly researched, informative and enjoyable to read. It you have never experienced the Northern Tradition, here is a guide to let you begin your exploration. If you set sail toward the Northern Star many years ago, Exploring The Northern Tradition will be a reminder of old friends, of the call of the Gods and of the honor and virtues of the people of the Northern Lands.

Highly Recommended !

In fact, she's been getting rave reviews almost everywhere on the book, and this is just one of many examples. I mean, I know the book was good, but it's nice to see people both within and without the tradition also recognize the quality of the book. :)

So Kudos, tamyris!
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