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Harrowmoot 2006 & Gullinbrusti

So I was doing a bit of internet browsing, and came across the cuteness of Gullinbrusti! (I'm too lazy to verify that the spelling is right on that...) Pomaire Pottery Pig Dish

Would that not make like the perfect offering vessel for Freyr? And I nabbed the last one too!

*cackles gleefully* It's just so gosh darn cute!

It was a long weekend. Harrowmoot was a far simpler affair then last year, but it had a nice friendly and cozy atmosphere.

It was just bone-chillingly cold, and the weather while never really outright RAINING, pretty much drizzled most of the time while we were there. But I love overcast days. :)

I arrived relatively early, before everyone else, but that was okay. I took the chance to explore the trails near where we were staying after I had made a trip to the cemetary across the street from the group barracks and paid my respects to the dead whom dwell therein.

By Friday evening just about everyone was there who was planning to be there. Dan Flores and some of his folk made a brief appearance for Friday only. I hear, though never saw, there was a solo gal from Austin who came, stuck around a few minutes, and then disappeared. Tee & Swain arrived late due to a blown tire on the trip down, and Tee was modeling off her latest bargain bin find, a lovely white wool cloak. She gifted me during Friday evening's sumbel with some jewelry she made herself, a lovely Rose Quartz necklace, and Rose Quartz & Amethyst earrings.

Saturday morning our last few travellers arrived, Chuck & Marty, and the day between workshops, a nice Odin faining, and meals, was spent primarily just sitting and visiting with one another, most of the women folk present, with the exception of me and one other busied themselves with various sorts of needlework or knitting/corcheting. Gerd & Wuffa managed to put together a nice, last minute seminar on Woden, Swain went through some of the Anglo-Saxon texts, and Rich had done a workshop on Idol making, which I skipped having had a headache threatening on becoming a migraine, and somehow I didn't think shop tools would help me any.

Rich Culver gifted those in attendance for Saturday eve's sumbel with carved idols, my little Woden is about the size of my biggest finger... and as strange as it may be to call Old Spooky cute, He is. :)

I hailed the Goddesses of Syn & Hlin for the opening round. Since last year's Litha, or more precisely just before, I had really begun to start thinking about our Gods and Goddesses, so many are just not hailed or honored. Why? For no more reason then there's just so little known about them. Since that time, that has become something of a driving force in my mind, and I'm working on many articles correcting what I feel are some of the common short comings in modern heathenry today, foremost among them is that somewhere along the way people have forgotten the true import and meaning of speaking words over the horn, of the sacred power and duties women had in particular in hall, as well as reminding folks that we should not be relying as crutches upon those Gods and Goddesses we know the most about, but also honoring the others we really only have the barest mentions of. Syn & Hlin fell in perfectly with all three of the above tangents. I've been meditating on them alot of late. As well as re-reading many books including Cold Counsel and others.

Poor Tee was still recovering from her pneumonia, so I helped her out where I could. I gave offering to the vaettir on her behalf, and made sure, especially on Saturday night after the most formal rounds of sumbel were done, to escort her back to the cabin, help her undress, help get Dakota ready for bed, and only left once she was tucked properly into bed. Afterwards, I went back and gave a sizable offering of good drink to the dead in the cemetary across the way, I had said I would do as much when I visited them first thing upon arriving at Harrowmoot, ahead of everyone else.

And then I returned to sumbel, which by this point the horn was put away and people were really just chatting it up and regaling one another with stories.

It was nice to see Wuffa and Gerd again, though Wuffa's new shorn locks were a surprise, that was the first thing I noticed! I made sure to congratulate Gerd on his first little one. And in fact made it a point to hail the children during sumbel, essentially stating the fact that we are a true community, we look to our gods and ancestors, and also look to our children, and the generations yet to come. Without that afterall, we are not a community at all. One of the ladies there was really touched by my words, as she always worries that her children are an unanted distraction to others. But her children are the sweetest and some of the most well behaved children I have ever seen for such little ones!

The drive back was for the most part okay, but as I got back into the DFW metroplex the roads were starting to get a bit treacherous, and there was some drizzle and a bit of sleet and snow flurries all mixed in. I took the bridges carefully, as did the other drivers, and for Texas, it's the first time I've actually seen the drivers being SMART in inclement conditions. Thank the gods for that. The weekend may have been fun, but it was so nice to come home, and collapse into my bed. Nothing beats my own bed. Nothing. :)



*gets out her thinking cap*

Now who could you be, in the wonderful world of Heathenry, Gerd?

Ah-ha! I feel most pleased to know I "chose wisely."

Forgive me, I've been quoting bad Indiana Jones lines all night. :P