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Loki & Thor in the Lokasenna...

So I've been reading "Under the Cloak" and I noticed an intriguing connection. let me just say upfront this is pure speculation, pure conjecture, but I think it should be considered.

Adalsteinson prepares a careful argument and analysis dealing with Iceland moving from heathendom into Christianity. he is very careful to point out the flaws in thinking a thing is accurate and I would argue unbiasedly between heathendom and Christianity. In lore that is dated back to the 9th and 10th Century in Iceland Thor has wide influence. If one goes by the sheer number of place names and names of people derived from Thor alone then one could argue he was the most worshipped heathen god in Iceland before the Conversion.

Adalsteinson argues that as the peaching of Christianity began to make it's impact, Thor begins to pop up in lore dated and attributed to that timeframe as the defender of heathendom. In one verse by Steinnum "The slayer of the son of the giantess (thor) wrecked the keeper of the bell (Thangbrandr); the gods moved the ship. Christ was unable to protect the ship from disaster: he (christ) did not look after it properly."

Scholars believe that around this time the Lokasenna was written. So here we have Thor fighting Christianity... the lokasenna begins the events of ragnarok. Perhaps Loki can loosely be contrued as the embodiment of Christianity, and the conflict as that of the conversion itself.
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