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Weyland's Faining

Well if people weren't being simply polite, the faining was well received by all in attendance, with many compliments on the service.

I kept to simplicity with meaning.

Set up the altar outside, with this red fabric, with a pattern of gold and silver sheaths on it. On top of that was a hammer, a horn, an offering bowl, a silver plate with food, a Swan to pay homage to Weyland's love as well, and this odd flowering plants that looked more like red leaves then a flower, but that screamed BUY ME FOR THE RITE. My duty is not to question why, my duty was to buy or die. ^_~

I had informed folks prior to the day to bring items they wished blessed, and also items they wished to give in offering if they had any.

So assembling everyone I told them to bring that out, Tee had the idea of putting the items to be blessed into a basket until it was time for it. (Which was a handy idea!)

I started off with a hammer hallowing, followed by ahil to weyland which for the benefit of those among us who are still new and learning, made sure to explain the import of a blacksmith to a community and their luck within that hail, then took the horn around to those present to hail weyland, and after each hail those who had offerings, those were taken. I really wanted the offerings to be tied to actiosn over the horn and the wyrd. All offerings were then placed on the table with others I had set there to begin with: silver casting grain and amber,a ring I myself handwrought from 3 separate pieces of silver, the left over silver from the lost wax casting process, findings and other works from Tee.

Then the mreainder of the Stout London Ale I had acquired for Weyland was poured from the horn into a bowl... and I went around to bless everyone... then blessed the items people had included for such blessings. Then we packed up the offerrings (rolling/folding it into the fabric, into a handsized parcel which we dug a hole for and buried (there's a burn ban going on, and Earth is as much an association with Weyland as fire). Re-buired, the food was them placed on top, and the excess ale poured out. Those odd flowering plants placed out too, and we respectfully backed away after one last acknowledgment to Weyland.

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