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Crusade Galen Expect Me When You See Me


White Sage got together this weekend for Geek Night. While we never did get around to watching anything (usually Geek Night involves good food, conversation, and watching anything from British Comedies, Cult Classics, Sci-Fi series, etc.) all in all we had a marvelous time just chatting and getting caught up with one another. :)

It was also nice to finally get to see the long sought for house by D & A. How much perfect can you get then asking Frigga for a house? And one to present itself, that's 1 block from a magnate middle school, 2-3 from a magnate elementary school, was owned by a German couple, and had key decorations left behind by the previous owners. ^.^ It was nice to see the fruition of that home finally, I had been praying for Frigga to help guide D & A for the home that would be perfect for them. :)