Trickster's Daughter (lokis_dottir) wrote,
Trickster's Daughter

Material Goods

There are times I think I'm just involved in too many things for my own good, my schedule is going to be pure hell until after the beginning of February I suspect. After that I really need to put my nose to the grindstone and focus on my academic research.

In some ways I suppose it is good I'm becoming a bit more zen-like in my decorating tastes... part of it is it's a pain to dust all the trinkets I've collected through the years, part of it is I have simply outgrown them. Just by clearing out my room (not counting my closet, or toybox in the other room) I have 3 large storage bins of toys I acquired through the years.

I look forward to graduating, there are many texts I kept solely on the off-chance I changed my mind from the thesis option and decided to go th enon-thesis option, in which case I'd need those books to re-read and study for my Comprehensive Examinations. Once I have my degree under my belt, many of the books I'll be getting rid of. Some I will keep because they still have subject matter I feel I may use towards future research and writings, many... are no more than books taking up space I can not ever see me touching again.

There are many things I can find new homes for... clothes, toys, books, other things I'm uncertain how well I can find new homes for such as various stuff for decorating... there's just to much IMO to make Ebay a worthwhile option... and the problem is mother is a pack-rat... if I do a garage/yard sale of the items at my parents house, mom will just reclaim them store them somewhere... and the house is past it's seams now... Mother has way too much garbage.

I go home clear out closets, pantries and the like, and within a month it's back to wading through them again, they just collect crap. Dad works long weeks... from like 6am-8pm at night M-F, plus usually puts in 4-6 hours on Saturdays, sometimes on Sundays as well... so he's just too tired to bother with it, and Mother just procrastinates on it because it's so bad. She's cleared out her closet somewhat... she's donated at least 5 huge garbage bags worth of clothes... and the thing is you can't even tell in her closet. @_@

At times my mother's pack-rat tendencies are the bane of my existence. She has Easter dishes, Christmas dishes, regular dishes... more decorations than anyone should posssibly have... the problem is once she lost her "slave labor" when I went off to college she doesn't use them any more. When it came to decorating she always directed Father and I while she supervised... she really just needs to get rid of it, or actually put it up in boxes, label what's in the boxes, and then stack the boxes neatly. Instead she has things stacked in various places and because they aren't in boxes, they sprawl and take up even more space.

When I'm at my parent's I am slowly but surely going through my belongings there and streamlining... and here at my apartment I am doing the same. Yet for all I get rid of... there's still so much left... I definitely inherited my mother's pack-rat tendencies... but thankfully it appears that I am out-growing them.

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