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IN some areas, I do NOT procrastinate

It's not even Litha yet, and here I am already thinking about what I'm going to do in the way of yule presents this year... and so far, nothing comes to mind.

*bangs head on the desk*

Inspiration, strike damn you!


try VikingTrader.net they have the nicest stuff there and its not too expensive/fast service. Also look at scandinavianheritage.com - baby loki heads for all!
scandinavianheritage.com keeps coming up as a voice recording place...

And Viking trader... not my style, I try to find things not easily found in heathenry, unique things, affordable, and yet fits the person.

Ask Galina, I get the best gifts. :)

now I don't feel bad about having already started to buy Yule presents. I thought I was just weird....
I usually try to have all my yule shopping done by the end of October. As I avoid the malls and other stores with a passion from Nov 1st - Jan 15th.