Trickster's Daughter (lokis_dottir) wrote,
Trickster's Daughter

I worked hard for the money

DUDE, some of you know I was complaining about a high-maintenance project I was assigned at work, and of course it was due the same day as a bunch of stuff I was doing for a big show we were heading to... well the hard work was recognized today, and beyond mere recognition I ended up going home with a bonus check. And that was a huge surprise to me. We used to have quarterly bonuses, but when we were bought out, our bonuses were added to our overall salary, and then our annual salary was adjusted accordingly. I thought they had COMPLETELY done away with bonuses entirely. Evidently they just reserve them now for very special circumstances as they arise.

This is so awesome. It's not much, but it couldn't have arrived at a better time!

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