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Happiness is a vacation

So my supervisor stopped by my desk around 10am this morning, and told me she didn't want to see me at work after noon, that she was paying me for a full day and wanted me to get out of there and enjoy myself.

I was not one to argue!

I ran a bunch of errands, picked up some clothes, got a spa pedicure and manicure, a haircut, and discovered in the process an area bookstore will be featuring an appearance by Mike Berenstain later in the month.

All I all, my holiday weekend (and I ahve off till Wendesday) is off to a fantastic start!

I started in on it sort of last night, watching Cassanova, Glory Road, and Ice Princess. Tonight is Howl's Moving Castle and Ultraviolet at least. As well as a stack of other movies and books to read.

WOOHOO! Holiday!