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Cold as Ice...

My apartment is cracked... since I'm on the first floor and there is crawlspace beneath the first floor, my apartment is toasty from about knee height on up, below knee height and it's frigid... if you get it comfortable for sock-covered footsies... then you're dying of heat exhaustion up top and sweating like the proverbial pig...

I don't mind the cold... but I do mind this weird split environment in my apartment.

Ah well, the upside is that it's cold enough we're finally getting some good hard freezes. I'm hoping it'll manage to help reduce the plants that trigger my allergies.

And like the subject line says... it feels as Cold as Ice... which now has that old Foreigner song stuck in my head.


Have you checked your windows for drafts? I know at my old apartment it was horrible in the winter, I would duct tape blankets around the windows and sliding glass door because of the cold air practically pouring into the place. Most apartments are horribly insulated.
the windows are high up, all of them at waist height or higher, they are a bit drafty... but the cold floor is really the result of the crawl space underneath us.