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Loki with animated fire background

Some Artistic Aspirations

I'm sure a few of you are wondering what I've been up to. I have decided that I am fed up with the lack of artwork that we have out there for our community, beyond old 'masterpieces' that have long lapsed into the public domain, been overly abused by heathens wanting something 'cool' who had no concept of how to go about good graphic design OR having something with good graphic print quality.

I'm working on some art, eventually to be seen in what I'm going to call my Sigynn line because it's both cute and funny. (Yes I realize that may not make sense based solely upon the 3 meager lore references we have of Her, and the reason I particurlarly see cute and funny with Sigynn comes from my own work with the Goddess. Although I do at least think it's a safe and fair assumption that she has some sort of a sense of humor considering who she is wed to).

I've also got some of my own take on more traditional art as well in the work. Although I have yet to come up with a name for this more traditionally influenced line. Perhaps the 'Saga' collection?

One of my friends has generously agreed to vector the images for me at no cost, so once she's done I'll have an image that will look sharp and great from something small in print, to if I wanted to use it for a 50 foot banner. Lossless image quality. Also by vectoring the image, she'll get rid of the slightly uneven pen-lines from the scanning process of my art.

I'm hoping to work on this a little at a time. :)