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Sometimes I miss certain aspects of my devotional work from when I was a good born-again Baptist... singing was such a part of my life.

I just haven't really found any heathen music I can sink my teeth into... which is why I'm glad there's a heathen hymnal in the works... but meanwhile I'm still here twiddling my thumbs, searching....

I may find some stuff I don't mind hearing... but it's not something I myself would love to sing... and I miss that.


I totally relate, which is why I'm working on the Heathen Hymnal. I sang in the church chior of some sort from the age of six...and started in the adult chior about 14(this was a REALLY good chior too, with a very good conductor) and I wish soem of the really good classical spiritual music(Handel's Messiah, for example) had Heathen counterparts. I've been working on getting some of the songs I know down on the computer program for writing music that I have. I'm going to have to buy the full version soon since I'm running out of saves that I can do on the trial version.

I've got several obstacles to overcome to complete this project...like learning to read music! And getting good poems to turn into songs...so far most of my stuff is from Swain, I've had several other people promise stuff, but haven't goten much else. One member of AT brought me a number of poems Saturday at our 12th night and I'm trying to figure what to do with them since they're kinda centered on the bloody conversion and a lot of anti-christian stuff, which I have a hard time with because I don't like defining what we are by hating something else. :-/

Anyway, maybe we should get together sometime and go over some of the music I have? I've got a CD in the works, I just need to get with Chuck sometime to finish it, and I need another song or two on it.
actually *coughs* you could probably find the crack for that program online, which would give you the full version... *coughs again*

I agree with you, our music shouldn't be defined by hating someone else... it only reinforces the ADFL's opinion of Asatru = neo-nazi anti-semitic hategroups.

Where can I find information on the hymnal? I've been dying to find good songs to sing as well.