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Food for thought: "earning" an offering

Yeah, I know I don't post often, but a recent post on a ML just didn't sit right with me.

Someone's kid is sick, and so various folks have been offering up prayers and the like.

One person posted: "just let me know when you feel that eir has earned her mead!" Now I fully understand the concept of a gift for a gift, but it seems crass to me to speak of a God having to "earn" their mead. Shouldn't it be given FIRST while entreating said God/dess? Hell, I also just like to give general offerings too when I can afford it. Afterall that's what you do with friends and family, you don't just bug them when you need something, but you bake them cookies, and randomly stop by to abduct them to the movies, or some such. In return they give us many blessings, and so many of them were unasked for, and yet still greatly appreciated. When you're talking about kin, a kindred, or the Gods, I don't think it should necessarily mean you do X and I do y, but it's a continual sharing and gifting between each other.


The Gods owe us NOTHING. We owe Them everything. The heathen community could stand to learn a little gratitude. The hubris of the statement you note above is, while not surprising, dismaying.