Trickster's Daughter (lokis_dottir) wrote,
Trickster's Daughter

Computer Woes...

In caase anyone is a computeer genius, or thinks they are... I've been experiencing the following problem.

When I go to play video files, whether they are from my DVD in PowerDVD, Windows Media Playeer, or Real player, both the picture and the sound are slow and lagging jerkily.

But I also have the same problem when playing various sorts of media files, such as avi in Windows Media Player, some needing codecs (such as XVID, OGM, or DivX) some not... and sometimes it works, and sometimes it is the exact same problem I have noticed with DVD playback.

I've attempted uninstalling and reinstalling Windows XP, I've attempted uninstalling and reinstallling the various media software I have, as well as the various codecs I tend to use, with no noticeable change.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? I aask, because the place I'd have to turn my computer into to get worked on.. they always end up reinstalling everything and not bothering to re-put certain software back leaving me a project for the weekend to get my settings back, as well as all my software, security and anti-virus definitions, etc.

Oh I have an athlon processor 1.1 Gig, 700 something Ram ( never recall the stupid increments here) and two harddrives, one is a 40 G harddrive, the other is a 13 G harddrive, each harddrive has a minimum of 5 G's currently not in use.

Oh and I've had this problem, even when I made sure that all other unneeded programs are closed (and not just minimized).

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