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New Book: The Vikings

So as I was killing some time today in Barnes & Noble I stumbled across J.M. Clement's Book, The Vikings (part of the Lost Worlds series).

While I only flipped through it in passing, it looks like something that might be a great little book to have on hand, especially for those of you with children. While it's not for young children, (probably better suited to the Young Adult range) it talks about the world of the Vikings, has maps, some gorgeous illustrations, talks about the sagas, the Norse Gods & Myths, & historical personages from this timeframe.

I certainly plan to give this book a more thorough inspection when I get the chance, but thought I'd point it out for anyone else who may be so inclined to check it out themselves. I'd also be interested in hearing if anyone HAS already checked out the book, and their thoughts on it.

Here's the official book description:

" For more than two hundred years, during the Vikings’ heyday, all Europe shivered in fear at their terrifying approach. This lavishly illustrated and interactive book explains why. It illuminates every aspect of Viking history and culture, from their legends and lore to their journeys of exploration and their discovery of America five hundred years before Columbus. Most exciting of all, the volume contains dozens of special features to heighten the experience, with sound chips (including someone speaking in Anglo-Saxon against a background of thunderstorms), gatefolds featuring a Viking map, a cut-through illustration of a longship, a depiction of the Bayeux tapestry showing the Normans attacking England, five embossed Runestone concertina “booklets” that actually allow you to feel the inscriptions on the page, and accounts of Viking legends re-imagined by some of Europe’s premier fantasy artists. As readers enjoy poring through the book, they’ll find out exactly who the Vikings were, why they left their homeland, how they waged war, and what weapons they used. The attractive design incorporates authentic Norse design motifs throughout. "