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A response from Mark Saxenmeyer...

I was actually surprised that I received a non-form letter response from the reporter of the Asatru video news piece from Fox News mentioned in my previous post. The response:

most people have never heard of asatru--that's why we
explained that it is indeed a "real" religion.

i'm aware of all the countires where asatru is
practiced, but there are still only a relatively small
percentage of believers in each of them.

in a three and a half minute story (all that i am
allowed), there simply isn't enough time to go into all
the details and background info you speak of. if we
were doing a documentary, maybe i could have.

you're right, it's extremely difficult to condense all
of my research into a comprehensive story about this
complex subject. there were MANY things i left out,
including a recent half-dozen or so incidents of
prison-related astru-connected violence. and THOSE
incidents were why the bosses wanted to do this story
in the first place. i simply felt they would taint
public perception of true modern-day followers of the
faith far more so than fringe hatemongers do.

thank you for your thoughts.


Personally, I'm not quite sure what to think of this at the moment. But since the White Supremacist angle is apparently what initiated the piece in the first place I guess we shouldn't be surprised by the senationalized nature of the piece. Still, that is no 'excuse' and the piece offers it's form of biases, and while they may showcase that indeed there are different modes of thought on the manner, it never really contextualizes just how widespread the racism is. I still object to the use of "claim Asatru is a real religion" his reasons to me still only showcase bias. I think that if you're going to bring up such sensationalized images of Hitler and Nazism, that you shouldn't do so half-assed but show more of the background. Otherwise why ho there in the first place unless you're exploiting Yellow-Journalism a la Hearst.

I come from a journalist/reporting background, even if only on the local scale. I understand that there are restrictions on the length of a piece. But it wouldn't have taken much to have mollified my issues with the piece, but a handful of words. Something all Heathens should know is that words have power, it's why the words we speak over the horn are indeed so very sacred.