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Odin, now fully erect :P

So this past weekend my oath-sister tamyris honored Odin. That in and of itself isn't really remarkable, for that is such a constant of her life that it goes without saying, as it's about as natural as her breath and heartbeat. But what was remarkable about it, was she with others erected a God Pole for Odin, and held a rite.

What I was personally struck by, was her words she had inscribed on the pole, and of the God-Poles I've seen, I must say I think this is the best carved one I've ever laid one eye, let alone two on. (I know, I know... bad pun, and yes, I went there unremorsefully.)

You can see the pictures of the God-Pole she uploaded here: Picture 1, Picture 2, & Picture 3.

“Warrior of warriors, be Thou hailed.
Lord of Hosts, Terror of Asgard’s foes,
Be Thou honored.
Destroyer, Ravager of Worlds, Cunning Chieftain,
Gifting God of Victory’s hand,
Be Thou praised.

Drighten, King and Ring Giver,
Pour Yourself out upon this land.
Come the unseen guest to every feast.
Come with unspoken blessings upon this hallowed hall,
Terror of the heart.

Progenitor of all,
We praise you.
Binder of the breathcord, Bestower of life,
All father, Master of madness and inspiration,
Ecstasy, bliss and devouring hunger:
Victory bringer and merciless Butcher,
Shaman, King, and Corpse,
Winner of the runes and Ordeal Master,
God of magic, battle and death,
Bestower of endless blessings,
Odin, Woden,
We hail You.”

As to the subject line of this entry, hello, I'm Loki's, how could you expect me NOT to go there in this case? Especially since the spear is mighty phallic, not to mention that a pole in and of itself isn't already incredibly phallic either. ^.^
Tags: odin, ritual

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