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Njord's pretty feet

So I was thinking about the tale of Skadhi coming to Asgard for wergild for the death of Her father. Instead of demanding blood as her wergild, she agreed to take a husband from among those in Asgard, hoping she'd get the beautiful God Baldr, for surely his feet would be as beautiful as well. Instead the God with the prettiest feet was Njord.

Why? (Yes. I just did ask that question over something so potentially silly :P)

I think it's the fact he's a God of the Sea. If you ever walk on sand regularly, it does wonders for keeping your feet nicely exfoliated afterall.
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That sounds like a good theory. Could also be the kelp he rests his feet in which people pay big $$ in spas to get draped in now. :-)
That, and a diet of fish does wonder for the skin, including treating dry skin from the inside out.