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Metal & Jewelry

I finally uploaded a bunch of some of my works which range from God/dess inspired jewelry (primarily necklaces), yule ornaments & the oathring I've crafted for Urdabrunnr Kindred into one gallery here on Livejournal.

Metal & Jewelry Gallery


Gorgeous work. Your oath ring is amazing.
Thanks. :) That oathring was a PAIN to make (and I learned why on large projects like this you should begin with hardened silver sheet metal instead of semi-hard, because after the annealing and hammering, the metal becomes too soft and won't hold it's shape well).

I was never fully satisfied with the gem mounting for the eye. And I chose not to give it a polished treatment, I rather like the patina age has given it. It makes me mourn my old studio and the tools I had access to. I miss really having the facility to use my jeweler's saw, solder, and acid-etch.

tamyris is in possession of it.