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Something Wicked This Way Comes...

My oath-sister Tamyris should be making her appearance in North Texas sometime between March 12 - 18.

I've heard that House Wodening had suggested there would be a Tamyris Blot if she ever made it down this way... so Swain is it true?



Galina, has already gotten a hold of me which means there probably will be!!! (-:

you know you're going to spoil her... she's going to think she has entitlements...

Next thing you know, she's going to be looking at what loot she wants to 'acquire" from you.

*tsks and shakes her head while grinning*
You are so bad. :P I will NOT be trolling for loot. YOu're going to make me look bad. lol.
You are always trolling for loot, you think what was so great about the Vikings... they pillaged :P

*ducks incoming projectiles*
*SNRK* if i pillage, it's going to be the weapons collection at the Met. There's some decent loot. lol
I think you have more than enough weapons now, you need to focus on getting other things.

Da, I want to see troth, when you come down bring him too, tell him he gets to visit mommy ^_^ I need to take a picture of him.
I'll bring troth. :)

I do not have many weapons. I only have three katana, three bokken, half dozen knives and a spear. I'm going to buy a 22 caliber bolt action rifle for my birthay...one of the guys in our maethel promised to help me shoot. that's my birthday present to me. lol. oh..and a couple of escrima sticks, a couple of staves...the hammer....I need to gt a good handy ax too..
what was that about you not having any weapons?

You're a private little arsenal.

LOL. I need more guns. and I want a sword that really fits my hand. My katana is a tad long. (two of them..the third isn't fit properly though it's a nice length. it's just too elegant to take apart and refit). and i saw this fighting knife that oh..*drools* was just sweet. it danced in my hand. and maybe a long bow....
And all I have is one *REAL* knife, the legolas replica knives will soon be in my hands... and that's it. :P

Most weapons I am unimpressed by, and if I'm getting a edged weapon, it better be well made for combat, and not some chintzy replica.

See the only sword I'd want is a nice historical Japanese blade... and those aren't allowed out of Japan anymore, and the Japanese government tries to buy back what ones they can that left the country before the legal ban was put into place.

Sure you can find authentic parts of a blade on e-bay... but you've gotta be savvy enough to put them altogether to make the whole.
None of my weapons are replicas. Replicas = garbage imo.

you can find authentic, heirloom blades at antique markets sometimes. I have a friend who found a 300 year old katana for $60 LOL.