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Narvi & Vali

I'm thinking about commissioning some carving work for some altar pieces to represent Loki & Sigyn's sons, Narvi & Vali. I'd like to have some sort of design motif to the pieces to both tie them together, but also have variations in the design motif so each is unique. But I can't seem to figure out what this motif would be precisely. A design motif such as if I was having a piece commissioned for Idunna, in addition to the main design, there'd be a design motif of apples, apple blossoms, and apple leaves to sorta frame the design.

Also any type of stones or colors stand out for use?

I figured when stumped, asking fellow Lokeans or Heathens is probably the way to go. So I'd be very interested to hear any suggestions or ideas any of you might have. :)



Understand that I am of the opinion that there is only one Vali and have all sorts of UPG foo stuff with him. He has told me as much, FWIW. I only know about Narvi by esoteric hearsay.

There are a few points in the lore I can clearly visualize. Eight year old (3 days above the earth) little boy with a bow and arrow having never washed in his life (think like lord of the flies imagery)

Teen Vali turning into a wolf (the hair all over the body, deepening voice) forced contrary to his nature to kill his brother. They are close in age.

Narvi has been described to me as having Sigyn's calm greyish blue eyes (as she is his natural son) and longish auburn hair, build like Loki's. By all accounts there was love between them and his death was an issue of balance needful to Vali's function. He took no joy in the killing. The UPG thing is about him being a God of fridth, loyalty, and friendship, which really explains the importance of his death- so an image I imagine pretty clearly are these two boys about 8-10 years old, one very feral and free the other very prim and neat and friendly looking running around in the woods playing.