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Latest Reading...

Eventually research must result in application... and as such I really need to crack down and motivate myself to read like a fiend in the coming weeks. I really need to make major inroads to the stack at least 3 feet tall of materials to read on my desk within the next 4 weeks...

A daunting task I know. I will just have to put my shoulder to the grindstone, or rather my nose permanently affixed inside of books for the next several weeks. Back rubs will be appreciated as I'm sure I'll be slouching over to read quite a bit.

I'm making my way through Thomas Dubois "Nordic Religions in the Viking Age" currently, and I plan to finish that up hopefully Saturday so i can move onto the next book I have lined up, H. R. Ellis Davidson's Myths & Symbols of Pagan Europe.

So far, I find DuBois' work to be a treat, finally a scholar who bothers to not lump-sum the various cultures found throughout Europe. He takes great care to discredit the faults of past research, and supports his claims through archaelogical, economic, linguistic, genetic, and even by means of pollen and fiber analysis that the various groups, Anglo-Saxons, Balto-finnic, Sami, Norse, and Celtic cultures had a great deal of interconnection through trade & contention.

when I get home I need to look up one of my fellow graduate students in the Humanities, he is aiming for his thesis defense this semester, and his thesis is on the economic effects of the Vikings along their "migration/exploration" routes. Sometimes i am somewhat amused by the unlikely odds that out of a infinitesimally sized humanities program (currently with only 2 of us working on a thesis) that we both are dealing with Norse related issues when there's not a single class offerred at our university on the Norse... or any of the related tie-in's thereof.