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Loot, Goodies, Prezzies, Sweet Swag... Yuletide Gifts already!

I am one of those ridiculously well-prepared folks. I do my yuletide shopping throughout the entire year, so that I'm usually if not completely done, 90% finished by the end of September. The bonuses to this are of course numerous:

  • No crowded malls
  • No sudden crunch on my budget
  • Increased ability to not only find a bargain, but find the perfect gift as well
  • No shopping-crazed congested traffic
  • No stress

The boxes of stuff cluttering up the guest bedroom (aka my storage room full of my crap from college and my younger years) was driving me crazy, and so tonight I began gift-wrapping the goodies, packaging them into postal boxes for them to be mailed out to their intended recipients.

Of course one of the things I acquired as a Yuletide present to myself this year, was an 1892 print entitled "Loki and Sigyn" by Carl Gerhardt depicting the binding of Loki and the steadfastness of Sigyn. It's an old Typogravure (a type of lithograph).
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