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News & Debates, Christianity & Religion

So I was watching the news this evening. And right before my local news (WFAA the local ABC syndicate) cut to commercial break they were plugging a story they would feature after the break. "Some Christians see connections between Interstate-35 and the Bible. Now they want to use the road to save souls." I'm sorry, but... but.. I did a spit-take, and then burst out laughing so hard I cried at that. That's just not something I think I never would have thought to hear on the news.

Then later I was watching the CNN/YouTube Republican presidential Candidate debates. When someone posed the question "do you believe every word in this book [the person displayed a King James Version of the Bible] is true?"

One of the candidates, Huckabee (who's a Baptist Minister) said something quite insightful, The Bible is a revelation of an infinite God, no finite person will every understand it, and anyone who says they do has a small god. (Granted this is a rough summary of what was said, and certainly not verbatim, but the spirit is there). Truthfully I think that is true of any religion/holy text. Our Gods can never be wholey encompassed in any book, They are beyond such things, and we are beyond ever completely knowing Them.


We watched a bit of it last night. It reminded me so strongly of Brave New World... on the aspect of the graph superimposed over the screen.

The end is nigh!

I didn't see that one response, but it sounds like Huckabee has a talent with good responses and thinking on his feet, which seems like it's considered far more important nowadays to simply appear as if you have all the answers... you can find advisors who actually have the answers to go with the appealing words.

I agree that it is a very good statement about religion.

Edited at 2007-11-29 02:36 pm (UTC)
Well in Huckabee's case he comes with a Theology degree and works as a Minister that means lots of talking on the subject of Religion, so it doesn't surprise me there he can give some good responses on the subject of religion.

But he is one of the better speakers, among the Republican side that's for sure. I think the difference may be in his background. While many of the others have jobs that require alot of speaking, in Huckabee's case he needs to be a bit more dynamic, or his 'flock' would be snoozing, or just not coming back. And he needs to be better at communicating ideas to people that may not have the specialized jargon down that so populates politics these days. Most politicians when they talk to the 'normals' either come off condescending, or confuse the hell out of them. :P